BRWC Results - 2012

BRWC Guess Your Time Day, North Gardens, Lake Wendouree, Sunday 16 Dec

The track was wet but the sun came out for the inaugural Guess Your time Day hosted by the BRWC. It was great to see some of our new junior members in action, all of whom walked faster than predicted in their first hit out on the North Gardens track. Youngster Bailey Ohlsen claimed victory, walking 9:56 for 1km, 4 seconds faster than his estimated 10:00 

Name               Dist.    Est.    Act.    Difference
1. Bailey Ohlsen   1km      10:00   09:56   00:04
2. Mia Darlow      1km      07:10   07:04   00:06
3. Jessika Bridges 1.5km    11:55   11:36   00:19
4. Sarah Brennan   3km      16:20   15:48   00:32
5. Mia Lepair      1km      08:00   07:24   00:36
6. Rex Brennan     1km      09:30   10:07   00:37
7. Ross Darlow     1.5km    07:30   08:11   00:41
8. Kasey Bishop    1.5km    12:25   11:35   00:50
9. Josh Dillon     3km      14:00   14:52   00:52
10. Eliza Lepair   1.5km    12:00   10:55   01:05
11. Kayla Bridges  1km      09:10   08:04   01:06
12. Alice Lepair   1km      09:15   07:31   01:44

BRWC Willi Sawall 3km Handicap, North Gardens, Lake Wendouree, Sunday 11 Nov

The annual Willi Sawall 3km Handicap race was conducted as a Sealed Handicap and the winner was Olivia Davis who walked extremely well to won by 28 seconds from equal second placed Sarah Brennan and Rodney Davis and with Alanna Peart in third place. Conditions were perfect and fastest time went to Sarah Brennan with 15.52.

The BRWC then presented our 2012 Trophy Aggregate winners and held our AGM. It was excellent to see we had a change in all Executive positions. The new President is Debra Darlow, Secretary is Sarah Brennan and Treasurer is Kerrie Peart.

3km Willi Sawall Handicap
1. Olivia Davis      24.24
2. Rodney Davis      19.07
3. Sarah Brennan     15.52
4. Alanna Peart      18.53
5. Emily Crowley     19.28
6. Jemma Peart       17.50
7. Lee Govan         20.08
8. Ross Darlow       19.16

2km walk
1. Josh Dillon       10.18
2. Mia Darlow        16.42

1km Walk
1. Bailey Ohlsen     8.20
2. Scott Peart       9.06
3. Rex Brennan       9.13

Mary Lorensini 3km Handicap Walk, North Gardens, Sunday 14 Oct 2012

Condition were excellent for racing. No wind and a perfect day in Ballarat. Mia Darlow has just turned 7 years and walked extremely well to win by 50 seconds from improving Bailey Ohlsen and third place Olivia Davis.Fastest time to 1st year walker Emily Crowley in 20.14.

Mary Lorensini 3km Handicap
1. Mia Darlow       24.43
2. Bailey Ohlsen    30.49
3. Olivia Davis     25.48
4. Emily Crowley    20.14
5. Alanna Peart     20.29
6. Rodney Davis     21.52
7. Jemma Peart      20.36
   Ross Darlow      DNF

2 km Walk
1. Shae Ohlsen      18.25 

BRWC Road Walks - Graham Nichols Lap of the Lake, Sunday 9 Sept 2012

Cool and sunny conditions greeted the 9 racewalkers competing in the Graeme Nichols Lap of the Lake. The pack headed out at a solid pace in the sealed handicap. Josh Dillon and Sarah Brennan took an early lead and walked together to take line honors in 35:30. They were closely followed by in-form youngster Jemma Peart, in a PB of 36:16. But it was 12yo Rodney Davis who stormed home in a huge 5:58 min PB to take the handicap win in 39:45. It was also great to see the Platt brothers back in action, both pulling out sub-40min walks.
6km Graham Nichols Lap of the Lake
1. Rodney Davis      39:45     5:58 PB
2. Joshua Platt      38:38
3. Jemma Peart       36:16     0:33 PB
4. Emily Crowley     40:31     First Ever
5. John Platt        39:44
6. Sarah Brennan     35:30
7. Kobie Somerfield  38:37     First Ever
8. Daryl Biggin      40:31
9. Josh Dillon       35:30

1. Olivia Davis      16:43

BRWC Road Walks, North Gardens, Ballarat, Sunday 12 August 2012

A small field of nine walkers took to the 1km loop around North Gardens to contest the Daryl Biggin & Sharon Schnyder 3km Handicap. Although a typically cold Ballarat morning, the sun managed to poke through and the rain held off. Young Bailey Ohlsen started off "Go" but was soon caught by 6 year old Mia Darlow in another impressive performance. The rest of the field were never a chance as Mia stormed home in a big PB of 24.04 - finishing over 3 minutes ahead of second placed Alanna Peart (18.52) and Rodney Davis in 3rd (19.30). In a rare racing appearance, Daryl Biggin donned his shorts and zoomed home for the fastest time of the day in 17.43. Thanks to Ross Darlow for pacing our younger walkers throughout the race!

Daryl Biggin & Sharon Schnyder 3km Handicap
1. Mia Darlow       24.04
2. Alanna Peart     18.52
3. Rodney Davis     19.30
4. Bailey Ohlsen    33.16
5. Olivia Davis     26.39
6. Kobie Somerfield 19.04
7. Daryl Biggin     17.43
8. Sarah Brennan    19.02
   Jemma Peart      DNF

BRWC -  Merv Lockyer 3km Handicap, North Gardens, Ballarat, Sun 23 July 2012

Conditions on Sunday were perfect and the day's format was a Sealed Handicap with everyone starting together. The winner of the race was 13 year old Emily Crowley who was walking in only her second race. Emily walked a huge PB of 2.23 with 19.06 after an incredible battle with last year's winner Alanna Peart. Second was Alanna in 18.55 and, keeping it in the family, Jemma Peart was third in 17.11. The encouragement award went to Oliver Watt and fastest time went to Josh Dillon with 13.46.
Merv Lockyer 3km Handicap
1. Emily Crowley   U14   19.06
2. Alanna Peart    U10   18.55
3. Jemma Peart     U12   17.11
4. Sarah Brennan   Open  16.23
5. Josh Dillon     U18   13.46
6. Rodney Davis    U14   21.00
7. Olivia Davis    U10   26.37
8. Oliver Watts    U10   29.39

BRWC - Benita van Raaphorst Memorial 3km Handicap, Ballarat, Sunday 20 May2012

A field of 14 starters took to the course on a cool but still morning. Our BRWC judges lined the path, eagle eyes at the ready. Youngsters Mia Darlow, Bailey Ohlsen and first time racer Oliver Watts started off go. Mia and Oliver completed a one kilometre loop together in 7:30, but Bailey was in for the long haul and hung on to complete the full 3kms in 32.43. As the rest of the field headed out in their staggered start, it was young Alanna Peart, only 8 years old, who stormed home in an amazing 18:16 (3:11 PB!) to win the race. Not far behind was 13 year old Ross Darlow in a another massive PB of 15:59. Third place went to Rodney Davis, also in a PB of 19:36. Well done to our other first time racer, 14 year old Emily Crowley, who walked excellently to clock 21:29. Josh Dillon recorded 14:14 to be the fastest finisher, not a bad effort after racing over 10km on Saturday. Thanks to everyone who helped out on the day.

Benita van Raaphorst Memorial 3km Handicap
1.  Alanna Peart     18:16     PB 3:11
2.  Ross Darlow      15:59     PB 1:24
3.  Rodney Davis     19:36     PB 0:38
4.  Jemma Peart      18:10
5.  Olivia Davis     24:49
6.  Sarah Brennan    15:58
7.  Emily Crowley    21:29     First Time
8.  Kobie Somerfield 18:12
9.  Josh Dillon      14:14
10. Lee Govan        19:27
11. Bailey Ohlsen    32.43
2km Walk
1.  Shae Ohlsen      16:13
1km Walk
1.  Mia Darlow        7:30     PB 2:12
2.  Oliver Watts      7:30     First Time

BRWC President's Cup, North Gardens, Lake Wendouree, Sunday 22 April 2012

Thanks to Kerrie Peart for the latest results from the Ballarat Race Walking Club in country Victoria. She commented: Conditions were excellent for racing. No wind, cool. Leah, who is only 7 years old, walked her 1st 3 km and walked extremely well, was never headed and won easily. Well done Leah.
3km Handicap Walk - President's Cup
1. Leah Canavan      26.25
2. Jemma Peart       18.22
3. Amy Canavan       18.17
4. Sarah Brennan     15.59
5. Rodney Davis      21.15
6. Olivia Davis      26.40
7. Josh Dillon       14.16         
2 Km Walk
1. Kobie Somerfield  13.28

BRWC - Jared Tallent 1500m Handicap, North Gardens, Lake Wendouree, Sunday 4 March 2012

The Ballarat Racewalking Club President held its annual Jared Tallent 1500m Handicap event on Sunday 4 March 2012. Conditions were excellent - no wind, road wet but 20C and perfect for racing.  6 year old Mia Darlow started on go and was never headed at any stage of the race, holding on by 4 seconds from fast finishing Alanna Peart and Shae Ohlsen who both walked PBs.
1500m Jared Tallent Handicap Race
1. Mia Darlow         12.59    PB
2. Alanna Peart        8.53    PB
3. Shae Ohlsen         9.06    PB
4. Olivia Davis       11.28
5. Ross Darlow         7.49
6. Rodney Davis        9.26
7. Jemma Peart         8.29
8. Kobie Somerfield    8.07     
9. Rhianna Biggin     11.55
   Daryl Biggin       DQ
1 km Walk 
1. Bailey Ohlsen      9.03