BRWC Results - 2015

Willi Sawall 3km Handicap, Thursday 9th December, North Gardens

We were privileged to have Willi Sawall on hand to cheer on or walkers and present the trophy for the last race of the year, named in his honour. Jemma Peart started as the backmarker, and continued her good form, working her way through the field to take out a well-deserved win in 14:38. It was a family affair, with Alanna and Scott Peart finishing 2nd and third respectively. Young Jorja and Brodie Tallent also joined in for their first walk with the club, both producing excellent results. 

Willi Sawall 3km Handicap
1. Jemma Peart (14)      14:38 (U16W Record)
2. Alanna Peart (12)     16:41 
3. Scott Peart (9)       20:53 PB 0:14
4. Kasey Bishop (12)     18:39
5. Kayla Bridges (10)    21:21
6. Brodie Tallent (9)    21:42 (First one)

1. Mia Darlow (10)       15:13

1. James Pendred (13)    8:01 (First one)
2. Jorja Tallent         8:01 (First one)

Following the race, the end of season presentations were held. 

2015 Season Aggregate Winner: Jessika Bridges
Runner-Up: Alanna Peart & Kayla Bridges
3rd Place: Kasey Bishop
4th Place: James Pendred
5th Place: Mia Darlow

Best Clubperson: Sarah Brennan
Most Improved: Jemma Peart
Encouragement Award: James Pendred
Style Award: Scott Peart

Finally the AGM was held, with the following committee members elected unopposed:

President: Wayne Peart
Secretary: Kerrie Peart
Treasurer: Di Bridges / Sally Bishop

Mary Lorensini 3km Handicap, Thursday 15th October, North Gardens

Hot and windy conditions greeted the small field of competitors in the 2015 BRWC Mary Lorensini 3km Handicap. The sealed handicap format saw Ross Darlow and Alanna Peart complete the 3km course in the fastest times of 16:07 & 16:52 respectively. The star of the evening, however, was 12yo James Pendred, who walked a 1:35 PB on the eve of his 13th birthday to claim the trophy and his first win for the season.

Mary Lorensini 3km Handicap
1. James Pendred (12)   23:13 PB 1:35
2. Scott Peart (9)      21:07 PB 0:32
3. Alanna Peart (12)    16:52
   Ross Darlow (17)     16:07
4. Sarah Brennan (V)    18:02
5. Kasey Bishop (12)    20:03
6. Kayla Bridges (10)   23:14
7. Jessika Bridges (13) 22:13

1. Mia Darlow (10)      8:31

Graeme Nicholls Lap of the Lake Handicap & BRWC 1.5km Handicap, Sunday 13th September, O Tag Reader, Lake Wendouree

Now don't laugh, but it was a clear blue sky and a glorious 16 degrees that greeted our walkers on Sunday for the Annual Graeme Nicholls 6km Lap of the Lake. Kasey Bishop, in only her second attempt over the 6km course, produced a very impressive walk of 38:45, a 1:46 PB, to secure the handicap honors. Quick times were also posted by Jemma Peart (32:47 - 1:05 PB) and Alanna Peart (35:37), with the fastest time of the day going to Ross Darlow in 29:10. Our junior walkers contested the shorter 1.5km event, with Kayla Bridges leading the way home in 9:43 to claim victory on handicaps by a mere 8 secs, just edging out James Pendred on 11:26.

Lap of the Lake Handicap
1. Kasey Bishop (12)     38:45 (PB 1:46)
2. Ross Darlow (16)      29:10 (U18M Record)
3. Jemma Peart (14)      32:47 (PB 1:05; U16W Record)
4. Alanna Peart (12)     35:37
5. Jessika Bridges (13)  48:54

1.5km Handicap
1. Kayla Bridges (10)    9:43
2. James Pendred (12)    11:26
3. Mia Darlow (9)        10:25

Jared Tallent 1500m Handicap, Sunday 16th August, North Gardens

It was a surprisingly mild morning in Ballarat for the 2015 Jared Tallent 1500m Handicap. Young Rex Brennan and James Pendred started from scratch. Showing no mercy and taking advantage of a kind handicap, Rex’s Mum, Sarah, passed the youngsters in the final km to claim the trophy. Rex managed to hold off a fast-finishing Ross Darlow, whose impressive time of 6:28 was the fastest for the day. Three dead heats rounded up the rest of the placings.

Jared Tallent 1500m Handicap
1. Sarah Brennan (V)     7:52 PB 0:03
2. Rex Brennan (7)       11:07 First one
3. Ross Darlow (16)      6:28
4. James Pendred (12)    11:19 First one
   Kasey Bishop (12)     8:26
5. Jessika Bridges (13)  9:25
   Daryl Biggin (V)      9:15
6. Kayla Bridges (10)    10:44
   Mia Darlow (9)        10:44

Merv Lockyer 3km Handicap, Sunday 19th July, North Gardens

The mercury dropped to a low of -5 degrees on the morning of the 2015 BRWC Merv Lockyer 3km Handicap. By 10:30am it was still very cold, but sunny, clear and still – perfect conditions for racing. Young Kayla Bridges and James Pendred started from scratch. Kayla never lost the lead, and held off a fast-finishing Sarah Brennan to claim victory in a PB of 20:09. A solid walk by Daryl Biggin, competing in his first race in years, saw him nab 3rd place. Fastest time went to Sarah Brennan with 16:39. Well done to James Pendred who completed his first 3km.

Merv Lockyer 3km Handicap
1. Kayla Bridges (10)   20:09 PB 0:02
2. Sarah Brennan (V)    16:39
3. Daryl Biggin (V)     17:36
4. Alanna Peart (11)    16:52
5. Mia Darlow (9)       22:17
6. Jessika Bridges (13) 20:14
7. James Pendred        24:48 First one

Benita van Raaphorst Memorial 3km Handicap, Sunday 17th May, North Gardens

It was a small turn out for the 2015 Benita van Raaprhorst Memorial 3km Handicap, with only four competitors vying for the major trophy. 13yo Jessika Bridges walked a 36 second PB to become the deserved winner. Young Alanna Peart walked the fastest time of the day and broke the U12 Girls 3km record in 15:49.

Benita van Raaphorst Memorial 3km Handicap
1. Jessika Bridges (13) 18:30 (0:36 PB)
2. Alanna Peart (11)    15:49 (U12 Girls 3km Record)
3. Sarah Brennan (V)    17:10
4. Kayla Bridges (10)   23:20

1. Scott Peart (8)      13:40
2. James Pendred        17:16

1. Rex Brennan (7)      6:08
2. Ted Brennan (4)      10:24

President's Cup 3km Handicap, Sunday 19th April, North Gardens

A balmy 10 degree morning in Ballarat saw 6 racewalkers line up for the 2015 President’s Cup Handicap. Kasey Bishop put in another fine performance to take out the handicap win with a 25 second PB. The Peart sisters also put in solid performances, with Jemma walking the fastest 3km of the day in 15:38. Well done to young Scott Peart who walked a huge PB in the 2km, and to young Ted Brennan who walked his first 1km, aptly escorted around the course by BRWC President, Wayne Peart.

President’s Cup 3km Handicap 
1. Kasey Bishop (12)    17:47 PB 00:25
2. Alanna Peart (11)    16:36
3. Jemma Peart (13)     15:38
4. Jessika Bridges (12) 19:58
5. Sarah Brennan (V)    17:33
6. Kayla Bridges (10)   21:46

1. Mia Darlow (9)       14:00
2. Scott Peart (8)      14:04 PB 03:46
3. James Pendred        16:20 First one

1. Rex Brennan (7)      8:44
2. Ted Brennan (4)      11:47 First one

Daryl Biggin & Sharon Schnyder Founder's Cup 1500m Handicap, Sunday 22nd March, North Gardens

The first race of the BRWC season, the Daryl Biggin and Sharon Schnyder Founder’s Cup, was scaled back to a 1500m Handicap to cater for the young athletes who were competing in the Little Aths State Championships the following weekend. The race took a sealed handicap format. 13-year-old Jemma Peart led from the outset and stormed home in a PB of 6:56. Despite Jemma’s excellent walk, handicap honours went to her much-improved younger brother, Scott Peart, in a PB of 9:25. There were some great performances all round, with all junior athletes securing a PB.

1. Scott Peart    (8)  9:25 PB 1:34
2. Jemma Peart    (13) 6:56 PB 0:08
3. Jessika Bridges(12) 8:58 PB 0:12
4. Kayla Bridges  (10) 9:49 PB 0:37
5. Alanna Peart   (11) 7:42 PB 0:24
6. Kasey Bishop   (12) 8:48 PB 0:15
7. James Pendred       11:40 First one
8. Sarah Brennan  (V)  8:59

1. Mia Darlow     (9)  6:15