BRWC Results - 2016

President's Cup 3km Handicap, Sunday 17th April, North Gardens

A small but keen group of walkers greeted the starter this weekend in the President's Cup 3km Handicap, with many of our younger walkers coming back a little underdone after a well-earned Easter break. It was Sarah Brennan who led out from the start, walking an impressive 15:55, continuing on with her recent good form to take the win for both the handicap and the fastest time. Fraser Saunder and Scott Peart filled the minor placings.

President's Cup 3km Handicap
1. Sarah Brennan (39)    15:55
2. Fraser Saunder (11)   18:31
3. Scott Peart (9)       20:37 (PB 0:16)
4. Mia Darlow (10)       23:38
5. James Pendred (13)    23:47

2km Walk
1. Kayla Bridges (11)    14:24


Benita van Raaphorst Memorial 3km Handicap, Sunday 22nd May, North Gardens

On a cool and windy morning, 10 of our Ballarat racewalkers lined up to race in memory of Benita van Raaphorst. Benita was an up and coming Ballarat racewalker who tragically passed away in a car accident, and was a valued member of the BRWC. Our juniors James Pendred and Scott Peart battled out a close finish, with Scott holding on to win from James by only one second. All three of the youngest junior boys set PBs. Alanna Peart brought home third, along with the fastest time of 15:37. A special mention to 8yo Jorja Tallent, who completed her first 3km in 23:50. and good to see Daryl Biggin dusting off his shoes and walking a very good 18:50.

3km Handicap
1. Scott Peart (9)     19:51 (PB 0:46)
2. James Pendred (13)  22:27 (PB  0:46)
3. Alanna Peart (13)   15:37
4. Brodie Tallent (9)  20:58 (PB 0:44)
5. Sarah Brennan (40)  16:14
6. Fraser Saunder (11) 18:55
7. Kayla Bridges (11)  21:10
8. Jorja Tallent (8)   23:50 (First one)
9. Kasey Bishop (13)   19:39
10.Daryl Biggin (53)   18:50


Merv Lockyer 3km Handicap, Sunday 17th July, North Gardens

On a brisk morning we had an eager group of juniors ready to challenge for the Merv Lockyer 3km Handicap Trophy.

Merv Lockyer was heavily involved in racewalking in the Ballarat area. He competed in several disciplines in the Oceania and World Games, winning several medals and setting age-based records in walks, javelin and discus. At the ripe old age of 65, Merv became an Australian Walks Centurion. 

Our juniors set off with this type of determination, Brodie and James setting a solid pace in the windy conditions. Finally James took the win in a 33 second PB, with a close finish for second and third between Fraser, Scott, Alanna and Jorja. Alanna and Mackayla set the fastest times of 16:05 and 18:01 respectively. Well done to Mackayla for braving the Ballarat Winter chill in her first BRWC race. 

3km Handicap
1. James Pendred (13)    21:54 (PB 0:33)
2. Fraser Saunder (11)   19:06
3. Alanna Peart (13)     16:05
4. Scott Peart (9)       19:36 (PB 0:15)
5. Jorja Tallent (8)     25:00
6. Mackayla Davison      18:01

1. Mia Darlow (10)       15:11

1. Kayla Bridges (11)    7:11
Brodie Tallent           DQ


Graeme Nicholls 6km Lap of the Lake Handicap, Sunday 14th August

In the glow of the Olympics, and after the brilliant Olympic Bronze performance of Australia's Dane Bird-Smith, a small, keen Ballarat racewalking contingent raced the Graeme Nicholls 6km handicap around Lake Wendouree. Inspired by the Olympics, our juniors Fraser Saunder and James Pendred walked their first lap of the lake in very good times - Fraser clocking up another BRWC record for his efforts. Sarah Brennan and Alanna Peart were both having a hit out before their upcoming Australian Championships, with Alanna winning on both handicap and fastest time with a massive 2:52 PB.

6km Handicap
1. Alanna Peart (12)     32:15 (PB 2:52, U14 BRWC Record)
2. Sarah Brennan (Open)  34:35
3. Fraser Saunder (11)   40:06 (First one, U12 BRWC Record)
4. James Pendred (13)    49:01 (First one)

For our younger walkers we had a 1.5km race. New BRWC member, Keelan Perry, joined us for his first race. He finished well, but the winner was Scott Peart who walked a 0:20 sec PB, finishing in 9:05.

1.5km Handicap
1. Scott Peart (9)       9:05 (PB 0:20)
2. Keelan Perry          10:13 (First one)
3. Kayla Bridges (11)    10:24


Mary Lorensini 3km Handicap, Sunday 9th October, North Gardens

 After a wintry few months, the sun shone on a small group of competitors for the Mary Lorensini 3km Handicap. Our junior walkers were quick out of the blocks, ready for a solid race to take home the trophy. New walker Keelan Perry put in a gutsy effort to finish his first 3km. Great walking by Fraser Saunder and Kayla Bridges saw them take the top two places with respective PBs of 17:48 and 19:52, followed by Scott Peart in 3rd. Fastest time went to Alanna Peart in 16:52.

3km Handicap

1. Fraser Saunder (12)    17:48 (PB 0:31)
2. Kayla Bridges (11)     19:52 (PB 0:17)
3. Scott Peart (10)       19:44
4. Alanna Peart (13)      16:52
5. Brodie Tallent (9)     22:04
6. Keelan Perry (12)      22:06 (First one)
James Pendred (13)        DQ


Jared Tallent 1.5km Handicap, Sunday 16th October, North Gardens

It's not every day you get to say you raced against an Olympic Champion. It was certainly the case for our BRWC walkers this weekend, when racewalking royalty, AKA Jared Tallent, came to try his luck at winning the race named in his honor. However, it was young Jorja Tallent, starting strongly off scratch, who showed a clean pair of heels to hold off the field and win in 10:46. Fast-finishing Scott Peart and Kayla Bridges continued to improve by setting new PBs as they chased Jorja to take out 2nd and 3rd respectively. Fraser Saunder and James Pendred also set new PBs. 

With impeccable style and speed, Jared produced a great display of racewalking for the crowd that had gathered to watch the star in action. Alas, it was to no avail, as Jared was only able to pass his former mentor, Daryl Biggin, in the last stages of the race. To Jared's credit, he takes time out of his busy schedule to regularly return to the BRWC, showing his medals, participating in races and chatting with the kids. He also attended Little Aths the day before! Jared is truly an inspiration to us all - young and old. 

1.5km Handicap
1.  Jorja Tallent      10:46 (First one)
2.  Scott Peart         8:51 (PB 0:14)
3.  Kayla Bridges       9:34 (PB 0:02)
4.  Fraser Saunder      8:12 (PB 0:15)
5.  Keelan Perry       10:23
6.  James Pendred       9:54 (PB 1:25)
7.  Brodie Tallent     10:41 (First one)
8.  Mia Darlow         10:23
9.  Alanna Peart        7:46
10. Jared Tallent       6:34
11. Daryl Biggin        9:44


Daryl Biggin and Sharon Schnyder Founder's Cup 3km Handicap, Sunday 13th November, North Gardens

Just when you thought it was safe to pull on your shorts and enjoy a little sunshine, it was not to be. A cold Arctic blast whistled around the legs of our BRWC walkers as they stepped out for the Founder's Cup at North Gardens on on Sunday morning. With the race being held between several heavy showers, it was Daryl Biggin who turned back the clock, winning the race named in his honour. Daryl walked a very slick 17:59, taking home the trophy on handicap. Alanna Peart walked the fastest time of the day with 15:30. Our young juniors were in good form, with Jorja Tallent and Scott Peart breaking their PBs by over 80 seconds. 

3km Handicap
1. Daryl Biggin       17:59
2. Scott Peart        18:09 (PB 1:27, U12 BRWC Record)
3. Brodie Tallent     20:34 (PB 0:27)
4. Fraser Saunder     17:31 (PB 0:17)
5. Alanna Peart       15:30
6. Jorja Tallent      22:28 (PB 1: 22)
7. Sarah Brennan      16:00
8. James Pendred      21:37 (PB 0:17)
9. Kayla Bridges      21:52

1. Keelan Perry        7:30


Willi Sawall 3km Handicap, Season Presentations & AGM, Wednesday 7th December, North Gardens

For the last race of the 2016 season, Ballarat's local walking legend, Willi Sawall, was on hand to present to present the trophy named in his honour. In a solid race, the ever-improving Fraser Saunder stormed through the field to take first place in 16:24 - yet another PB (1:24). Great walks by both James Pendred and Kayla Bridges saw them take out the minor placings, James in PB of 48 seconds. Alanna Peart recorded the fastest time in 16:18. 

Willi Sawall started his athletics career as a sprinter, but moved into distance running, becoming a Victorian Country Champion. After persistent hamstring and tendon problems, Willi turned to racewalking and went on to re-write the Australian racewalking record book.  Between 1976 and 1987, whilst working full time and receiving no sports funding, Willi was a competitive force on the world stage, competing in 3 IAAF World Championships, 3 Commonwealth Games, # World Racewalking Cups, and 2 Olympic Games (Moscow and L.A.). He amassed a total of 37 Victorian titles, broke Australian records on 42 occasions, and still holds the Victorian 2 hour track record of 27.123km.

3km Handicap
1. Fraser Saunder (12)   16:24 (PB 1:24)
2. James Pendred (14)    20:49 (PB 0:48)
3. Kayla Bridges (11)    21:19
4. Alanna Peart (13)     16:18
5. Scott Peart (10)      19:09
6. Brodie Tallent (9)    22:26
7. Daryl Biggin (Old!)   22:54

1. Mia Darlow (11)        14:24
2. Jorja Tallent (8)      15:59

2016 Season Aggregate Winner: Scott Peart
Runner Up: Fraser Saunder
3rd Place: Alanna Peart
4th Place: Jorja Tallent
5th Place: Sarah Brennan

Best Clubperson: Lee Govan

Most Improved: Jorja Tallent

Encouragement Award: James Pendred

Style Award: Brodie Tallent

Inaugral Bicknell Family Dual LA & BRWC Racewalking Athlete: Keelan Perry

2017 Executive Committee:
Wayne Peart
Secretary: Kerrie Peart
Treasurer: Graeme Saunder