BRWC Results - 2017

Aggregate Results – 2017

Aggregate Award Winner
Aggregate Award Runner up
Aggregate Award 3rd Place 

Fraser Saunder
Alanna Peart
Jemma Peart 

Encouragement Award
Style Award
Most Improved Award
Bicknell LA Racewalking Encouragement Award     
Best Club Person Award

Kylie Howe
Jorja Tallent
Fraser Saunder
Charli Walker
Kerrie Peart


Jared Tallent Cup 1.5km Handicap - Sunday 15th October

It is with great pleasure that we welcomed little Harvey Tallent for his first walk with the BRWC Club this Sunday, (with just a little help from his Mum Claire.)

As with all the combatants, Harvey was keen to put his best foot forward from the get go, in the race named after his father – the Jared Tallent Cup. However he faced some stiff opposition with all walkers posting some very slick times over the quick 1500m course.

Although racing under sealed handicap conditions, it was our new member Charli Walker who came out on top to take the chequered flag. Separated by only a few seconds, Fraser Saunder walked a new 0:10 PB of 7:37 for 2nd place, and Jemma Peart recording the fastest time of the day.

 Jared Tallent Cup 1.5km Handicap

  1. Charli Walker               9:05
  2. Fraser Saunder              7:37   PB 0:10
  3. Jemma Peart                 6:41
  4. Alanna Peart                6:57
  5. Daryl Biggin                9:19
  6. Keelan Perry                9:45
  7. Brodie Tallent             10:14


  1. Jorja Tallent               6:58
  2. Isabelle Walker                              -



Mary Lorensini 3km Handicap - Sunday 17th September

It was perfect racewalking conditions for the small group of BRWC competitors on Sunday. Jorja Tallent took the lead off scratch with the rest of the pack trying to catch her. With a sneaky look over her shoulder, Jorja could hear Kylie Howe closing in, as well as the fast-finishing Jemma Peart. Jorja held on to win in 23:21, with Jemma just catching Kylie on the line. Fastest time went to Jemma Peart in 14:27.

3km Handicap

  1. Jorja Tallent             23:21
  2. Jemma Peart               14:27
  3. Kylie Howe                19:54
  4. Alanna Peart              15:00
  5. Scott Peart               19:44
  6. Keelan Perry              22:59


Graeme Nicholls 6km Lap of the Lake Handicap - Sunday 20th August

Top marks to handicapper Graeme Saunder, with our top 3 walkers within 35 seconds. The stopwatch was unable to split Fraser Saunder and Alanna Peart who tied for 1st place. Both also recorded PBs and broke BRWC records. Well done! Fastest time, and another BRWC record, went to Jemma Peart in 30:49. For our junior walkers, the Jastec Sheetmetal Cup 1.5km Handicap was up for grabs, with Keelan Perry taking out handicap honours in a PB time of 8:41. The club was joined by new member and first-time walker Kylie Howe from Warrnambool, along with Charli Walker and Kaylah Heikkila-Dubowik from Geelong. 

6km Handicap

  1. Alanna Peart                31:14 (PB 1:01; U16 Girls BRWC Record)
  2. Fraser Saunder              34:54 (PB 5:12; U14 Boys BRWC Record)
  3. Jemma Peart                 30:49 (PB 1:58; U18 Girls BRWC Record)
  4. Charli Walker               42:45 (First one)
  5. Kylie Howe                  42:32 (First one)
  6. Daryl Biggin                42:45
  7. James Pendred               46:05    

1.5km Handicap

  1. Keelan Perry               8:41 (PB 1:32)
  2. Scott Peart                8:41
  3. Kaylah Heikkila-Dubowik    9:00 


Daryl Biggin & Sharon Schnyder Founder's Cup 3km Handicap - Sunday 23rd July

A small but keen group of walkers braced the chilly but sunny conditions. Under a sealed handicap start, it was Jemma Peart who took the lead and recorded the fastest time of the day in 14:39. James Pendred came out on top in 21:09 once handicaps were calculated, with Alanna Peart 3rd. We welcomed back Kobie Somerfield after a 4 year absence due to study in Melbourne, and new member Charli Walker. 

3km Handicap

  1. James Pendred               21:09
  2. Jemma Peart                 14:39
  3. Alanna Peart                15:19
  4. Fraser Saunder              17:07
  5. Kobie Somerfield            19:40
  6. Charli Walker               20:53 (First one)


  1. Scott Peart               12:34


Benita van Raaphorst Memorial 3km Handicap - Sunday 21st May

We had the pleasure of Benita's family attending today's race. Front marker Jorja Tallent led the way before being overtaken by older brother Brodie halfway through the race. Brodie went on to win in a 1:18 PB. Keelan Perry also posted an impressive 0:53 PB. Alanna Peart was the fastest competitor in 15:35

3km Handicap

  1. Brodie Tallent           18:44 (PB 1:18)
  2. Keelan Perry             20:57 (PB 0:53)
  3. Fraser Saunder           16:42
  4. James Pendred            21:27
  5. Alanna Peart             15:35
  6. Jorja Tallent            23:34


President's Cup 3km Handicap - Sunday 23rd April

Numbers were down, but the racing was keen, with only 15 seconds separating the first 4 competitors. Shining though on the day was Alanna Peart in 1st, closely followed by big sister Jemma in 2nd. Fraser Saunder finished 3rd, with the ever-improving Keelan Perry finishing hot on their heels in 4th. 

3km Handicap

  1. Alanna Peart             15:10
  2. Jemma Peart              15:02
  3. Fraser Saunder           16:53
  4. Keelan Perry             21:50 (PB 0:01)
  5. James Pendred            21:36
  6. Sarah Brennan            18:03
  7. Scott Peart              20:45


Merv Lockyer 3km Handicap - Sunday 19th March

The sun was out early and so were our BRWC walkers as they kicked off the first race of the season. The humid conditions made for tough racing, and times were off the mark for many walkers. Not so for young Brodie Tallent, who went hard from the get go and led throughout to win comfortably in a PB of 20:20. Keelan Perry walked a very consistent race to finish in second place, also recording a PB (21:51). Fraser Saunder rounded out the placings, finishing 3rd in 18:05. Fastest time of the day went to Jemma Peart in 16:38. 

3km Handicap

  1. Brodie Tallent           20:20 (PB 0:32)
  2. Keelan Perry             21:51 (PB 0:15)
  3. Fraser Saunder           18:05
  4. Scott Peart              20:55
  5. James Pendred            22:18
  6. Jemma Peart              16:38
  7. Alanna Peart             17:03
  8. Jorja Tallent            23:55