BRWC Results – 2011

BRWC Willi Sawall Handicap, North Gardens, Lake Wendouree, Sunday 13 November 2011

The Ballarat Race Walking Club held its inaugural Willi Sawall 3km Handicap walk on Sunday morning at the North Gardens, Lake Wendouree, in Ballarat. Daryl Biggin summed it up as follows:

Conditions perfect for racing, track fast and a great win to Jake Quinton who walked a 3 second  PB. Congratulations is in order for Daryl Biggin in easily beating long time rival Tim Erickson on home turf. Good panel of Judges. Thanks to Willi Sawall who supported the event and made the presentations. In general numbers were down but still a great day of racing.

1 km Walk
1. Alanna Peart          6.55
2. Mia Darlow           12.19
3. Bailey Ohlsen        12.18
4. Katelyn Lotherington 10.28    Fun/Fitness
5. Rhianna Biggin       10.28    Fun/Fitness

2 km Walk
1. Shae Ohlsen          17.02

3 km Willi Sawall Handicap
1. Jake Quinton         15.59    PB
2. Rodney Davis         21.21    PB
3. Daryl Biggin         16.20
4. Olivia Davis         26.04
5. Tim Erickson         16.51
6. Jemma Peart          19.54

BRWC 1500m handicap walk, North Gardens, Lake Wendouree, Sunday 23 October 2011

Ballarat Racewalking Club President Daryl Biggin reports that conditions were just about perfect for racing last Sunday morning apart from the litter scattered over their racing circuit after Saturday’s storm and flash floods.  The winner of the 1500m Handicap walk was 6 year old Mia Darlow who said she said that she dreamed that she was going to win and yes it did happen. As Daryl says: Tim we are all dreamers!

1500m Handicap
1.  Mia Darlow        13.14
2.  Amy Canavan        8.42
3.  Paul Nunn          8.20
4.  Ross Darlow        7.56
5.  Wilma Oomen       11.10
6.  Sarah Brennan      7.55
7.  Olivia Davis      12.01
8.  Shae Ohlsen        9.51
9.  Kobie Somerfield   8.24
10. Rodney Davis      10.24
11. Daryl Biggin       7.34
12. Leah Canavan      14.19
13. Bailey Ohlsen     13.40

Graeme Nicholls 6 km Lap of Lake Handicap, Lake Wendouree, Ballarat, Sunday 18 Sept 2011

Conditions on the day were perfect for racing; around 20 deg and yes even got sunburnt on face and arms. 10 year old Jemma Peart walked superbly to just hold off fast finishing Daryl Biggin by one second with Sarah Brennan third. Rachel Tallent walked with Jemma and encouraged her in her first race over such a long distance. Compared to last year, we doubled the number of competitors so another good day of racing. Rachel was back in Ballarat having a rostered rest and it was a honour to have her present the Graeme Nicholls 6 km Lap of The Lake trophy which was the Lake Burley Griffin 20 Mile Cup which he won in 1970.

6 km Lap of the Lake
1. Jemma Peart       36.49
2. Rachel Tallent    36.49
3. Daryl Biggin      29.49
4. Sarah Brennan     33.38
5. Shae Ohlsen       42.29
6. Rodney Davis      45.43
7. Ross Darlow       39.16

1.6km Junior
1. Alanna Peart      11.47
2. Olivia Davis      13.14

1. Bailey Ohlsen      8.30

Pick a Distance Walks, North Gardens, Lake Wendouree, Sunday 28 August 2011

There was a small turn out for the BRWC Fun Day—Pick a Distance, but conditions were once again perfect for racewalking. Youngsters Olivia Davis and Mia Darlow walked together to complete 2km. Shae Ohlsen and Rodney Davis each put in a solid 3km. 12 year old Ross Darlow also completed 3km in a very respectable 17:50, then jumped back on the track to complete another fast kilometre (~5:30), giving Sarah Brennan someone to chase at the end of her 5km.

2 km Walk
1. Olivia Davis      20.28
2. Mia Darlow        20.33

3 km Walk
1. Ross Darlow       17.50
2. Shae Ohlsen       20.57
3. Rodney Davis      21.01

5 km Walk
1. Sarah Brennan     28.10

Australian Roadwalking Championships, Canberra, Sunday 21 August 2011

Nearly 150 walkers competed in the Australian Road-walking Championships in Canberra on Sunday August 21st. The Racewalking Victoria Team performed superbly, bringing home 14 individual and 7 team medals. Special mention to BRWC member Rachel Tallent, who took out the U20 Women’s 10km title, and to Ballarat’s Kelly Ruddick, who finished second in the Open Women’s 20km in a PB of 1:39:56.

Founders Cup 3km Handicap, North Gardens, Lake Wendouree, Sunday 14 August 2011

The weather gods were once again on our side as the competitors lined up for the Founder’s Cup 3km handicap. Warm, no wind, no rain. 9 year old Amy Canavan powered away to win the trophy for the second year in a row in an excellent time of 18:29 (PB). Well done to Rodney Davis who also walked a PB of 20:14. It was good to see Paul Nunn back in action, walking a very solid 18:36.

Daryl Biggin & Sharon Schnyder Founders Cup 3km Handicap
1.  Amy Canavan      18.29    PB
2.  Rodney Davis     20.14    PB
3.  Sarah Brennan    16.26    PB
4.  Paul Nunn        18.36
5.  Olivia Davis     25.07
6.  Jemma Peart      19.14
7.  Shae Ohlsen      20.30
8.  Mia Darlow       29.27
9.  John Ohlsen      24.24
10. Daryl Biggin     DNF

2 km
1.  Ross Darlow      14.15
2.  Alanna Peart     15.03

1 km
1.  Leah Canavan      8.39
2. Bailey Ohlsen    DNF

Mary Lorensini 3 Km Handicap, North Gardens, Lake Wendouree, Sunday 24 July 2011

Thanks to Daryl Biggin for the results from the latest Ballarat Walkers Club event. Daryl comments that the track was wet but the rain held off until after the race. The winner of the race was Jake Quinton another PB and Jake continues to improve time every time he walks.

3km Mary Lorensini Handicap
1.  Jake Quinton      16.02     PB
2.  Daryl Biggin      15.09 
3.  Sarah Brennan     16.35     SB
4.  Mia Darlow        28.25     PB
5.  Harold Boddy      20.13
6.  Rodney Davis      21.11
7.  Jemma Peart       19.30
8.  Olivia Davis      25.34
9.  Ross Darlow       18.03
10. Tyne Boddy        16.38
11. Shae Ohlsen       20.55
12. Alanna Peart      22.49

AV, AV All Schools & VRWC Championships, Melbourne, 10th July, 2011

Sunday 10th July saw the AV, AV All Schools and VRWC Championships contested at Middle Park, Melbourne.  A number of BRWC members competed well in the freezing cold, blustery conditions (technically an  advantage for us, being from Ballarat).

AV Schools U16 Boys 3km Championship   Jake Quinton       4th   17:03
AV Schools U16 Girls 3km Championship  Kobie Somerfield   5th   16:42 (PB)
AV Schools U14 Boys 3km Championship   Ross Darlow        5th   17:23
VRWC U12 2.5km Girls Championship      Jemma Peart        5th   14:58
VRWC U9 1.5km Girls Championship       Alanna Peart       5th   10:09
VRWC 5km Open Women                    Sarah Brennan      7th   29:44

Merv Lockyer 3 Km Handicap Walk, North Gardens, Lake Wendouree, Sun 26 June2011

Sunny conditions greeted competitors but a cold wind make conditions a bit trying. Young Alanna Peart, only 7 years old and walking over 3km for the first time, walked superbly to win in a excellent time of 21.27, just holding off a fast finishing Jake Quinton by 11 seconds.  See a couple of great photos of Alanna in the Photo Gallery.

3 km Handicap
1.  Alanna Peart      21.27     Pb
2.  Jake Quinton      16.38     Pb
3.  Ross Darlow       17.37     Pb
4.  Shae Ohlsen       19.35     Pb
5.  Kobie Somerfield  17.18
6.  Rodney Davis      20.49
7.  Olivia Davis      24.50
8.  Sarah Brennan     17.34
9.  John Ohlsen       24.35
10. Josh Dillon       14.04
11. Jemma Peart       19.20
12. Rani Changan      27.07
13. Wilma Oomen       27.09
14. Mia Darlow        29.29

1.  Bailey Ohlsen     16.24

LBG Walking Carnival, Canberra, Sunday 12 June 2011

A number of walkers from Ballarat Racewalkers competed in the annual Lake Burley Griffin Carnival in Canberra as members of Racewalking Victoria. Results are shown below

Open Men 20 miles           Jared Tallent        1st           2.18.59
                                                 1st Teams
AACT 30km                   Jared Tallent        1st           2.09.11
Open Men Masters 10 miles   DarylBiggin          6th           1.37.53
                                                 3rd Teams
                            Maurice Prendergast  8th           1.45.52
                                                 3rd Teams
                            PeterLuke            10th          2.16.07
Open Women10 miles          Rachel Tallent       3rd           1.24.01

Under 20 Women 5km          Rachel Tallent       3rd             23.31 Pb
                                                 1st Team   
Under 10 Girls 1km          Jemma Peart          3rd              5.19 Pb
                                                 1st Teams
                            Amy Canavan          5th              5.42 Pb
                                                 2nd Teams
                            Alanna Peart         10th             6.11 Pb
                                                 2nd Handicap
                            Olivia Davis         14th             7.39 Pb

Under 12 Boys 2km           Rodney Davis         14th            13.25 Pb
                                                 2nd Handicap
Under 12 Girls 2km          Jemma Peart          13th            11.53 Pb
                            Amy Canavan          17th            12.23 Pb
                            Katelyn Lotherington 18th            12.23 Pb

Under 14 Boys 2km           Ross Darlow          13th            11.23 Pb
                                                 3rd Teams
                                                 3rd Handicap

Under 16 Girls 3km          Kobie Somerfield     12th            17.14 Pb

                                                 2nd Handicap
                            ShaeOhlsen           19th            20.03 Pb

Under 16 Boys 3km           RossDarlow           12th            18.10 Pb
                                                 2nd Handicap

Benita van Raaphorst Memorian Handicap, North Gardens, Lake Wendouree, Sunday 1 May 2011

Walkers from Ballarat Walkers Club contested the Benita van Raaphorst Memorial 3 km Handicap at North Gardens, Lake Wendouree on Sunday 1st May. Due to a clash with the Ballarat Gift, numbers were down but overall, conditions were perfect and it was another excellent day of racing. Congratulation to Jemma Peart on winning the Benita van Raaphorst Handicap again in a  PB time of 17.53. Jemma is only 9 years old but has a good blood line (she is a niece of the Tallents). Well done to new walker Jake Quinton who walked 18.00 for a one minute PB and to Josh Dillon who recorded the fastest time of 13.02.

3km Roadwalk
1.  Jemma Peart              17.53 (PB)
2.  Jake Quinton             18.00 (PB)
3.  Sarah Brennan            17.20
4.  Josh Dillon              13.02
5.  John Ohlsen              23.03
6.  Rodney Davis             21.46
7.  Kobie Sommerfield        18.13
8.  Ross Darlow              18.36
9.  Shae Ohlsen              21.21
10. Olivia Davis             25.55     

2km Roadwalk
1.  Alanna Peart             17.10
2.  Mia Darlow               19.39

President’s Cup Handicap, North Gardens, Lake Wendouree, Sunday 3rd April

On Sunday 3rd April, the President’s Cup 3km Handicap was contested at North Gardens, Lake Wendouree. Conditions were fantastic and all walkers performed exceptionally well. Rodney Davis took home the Cup in a time of 21.17. New BRWC member Jake Quinton walked 19.00— a fantastic first time effort. Well done also to Alanna Peart (2km) and Olivia Davis (3km) for completing these distances for the first time.

3km President’s Cup Handicap
1.  Rodney Davis             21:17
2.  Katelyn Lotherington     19:08
3.  Jake Quinton             19:00
4.  Amy Canavan              19:01
5.  Shae Ohlsen              20:03
6.  Lee Govan                19:17
7.  Olivia Davis             24:34
8.  Kobie Somerfield         18:15
9.  Ross Darlow              18:00
10. Jemma Peart              19:04
11. Sarah Brennan            17:44
12. John Ohlsen              23:10
13. Collin Bootsman          17:39
14. Daryl Biggin             16:48

1km & 2km Junior Walk
1.  Leah Canavan (1km)        8:41
2.  Mia Darlow(500met)       DNF
1.  Alanna Peart (2km)       15:30

Jared Tallent Junior 1500m  Handicap, North Gardens, Lake Wendouree, Sunday 6 March 2011

On Sunday the Ballarat Racewalking Club conducted the inaugural Jared Tallent Junior 1500m Handicap. The conditions were perfect for racing and the winner of the race was 12 year old Ross Darlow who walked 8.15, a 45 second PB. Second was Amy Canavan and third was young Alanna Peart who walk superbly in a PB of 10.07. Other strong walks were Shae Ohlsen and Kobie Somerfield. Nearly all racewalkers in the 1500m walked PBs.

1.5km Jared Tallent Handicap
1.  Ross Darlow               8.15
2.  Amy Canavan               9.05
3.  Alanna Peart             10.07
4.  Jemma Peart               8.23
5.  Leah Canavan             12.56
6.  Shae Ohlsen               9.05
7.  Katelyn Lotherington      9.10
8.  Kobie Somerfield          8.49
9.  Olivia Davis             11.25
10. Rodney Davis             10.24
11. David Lotherington (Inv) 12.46

3 km Walk
1.  Josh Dillon              14.04
2.  Colin Bootsman           17.53
3.  Sarah Brennan            18.40
4.  Lee Govan                18.47
5.  Wilma Oomen              20.54
6.  John Ohlsen              23.57


BRWC Walks, North Gardens, Lake Wendouree, Sunday 27 February 2011

It was a cool wet day in Ballarat and the venue had to be changed from Victoria Park to Lake Wendouree. It was good to see 19 walkers in attendance and we saw some keen racing ovar a variety of distances.

1 km Walk
1. Alana Peart                7.01
2. Leah Canavan               8.47
3. Mia Darlow                 9.42

2 km Walk
1. Olivia Davis              15.40
2. Ebonie Squire-Robison     17.20

3 km Walk
1. Ross Darlow               19.40
2. Jemma Peart               20.03
3. Amy Canavan               22.12
4. Rodney Davis              22.39

4 km Walk
1. Josh Dillon               21.32
2. Colin Bootsman            24.36
3. Lee Govan                 28.30
4. Wilma  Oomen              29.12
5. John Ohlsen               31.54
6. David Lotherington        32.06

5 km Walk
1. Kobie Somerfield          33.23

6 km Walk
1. Shae Ohlsen               47.10
2. Katelyn Lotherington      47.10
   Daryl Biggin                DNF