BRWC Results – 2013

BRWC 2013 Presentations, Lake Wendouree, Sunday 1st December

2013 Best Clubperson – Wayne Peart
U10 Girls Aggregate
1. Kasey Bishop
2. Alanna Peart
3. Kayla Bridges
4. Mia Darlow
5. Ruby Saunder
6. Leah Canavan
7. Alice Lepair
8. Mia Lepair
U10 Boys Aggregate
1. Fraser Saunder
2. Rex Brennan
3. Bailey Ohlsen
4. Scott Peart

U15 Girls Aggregate
1. Olivia Davis
2. Jessika Bridges
3. Jemma Peart
4. Emily Crowley
5. Amy Canavan
6. Ellen Dowie
7. Eliza Lepair

U15 Boys Aggregate
1. Rodney Davis
2. Ross Darlow

Open Men / Women Aggregate
1. Sarah Brennan
2. Kobie Somerfield
3. Shae Ohlsen
4. Lee Govan
5. Andrew Blood
6. Josh Dillon


BRWC Willi Sawall 3km Handicap, O Tag Reader, Sunday 1st December

It was a sunny but windy day for the annual Willi Sawall 3km Handicap which was held in conjunction with the KIDS Foundation / Best O Lake 3km Fun Run. This provided a great opportunity for our walkers to strut their stuff amongst the fun runners, and they beat quite a few to the finish line!  A lot of PBs were recorded as a result.  The handicap win went to young Kayla Bridges, who walked a big 1:12 PB of 20:52. Line honours went to Sarah Brennan in 15:34.

3km Sealed Handicap
1.    Kayla Bridges (8)     20:52    PB 1:12
2.    Mia Darlow (8)        21:19    PB 0:57
3.    Fraser Saunder (9)    19:40    PB 1:06, U10 M Record
4.    Jemma Peart (12)      16:01    U14 W Record
5.    Kasey Bishop (10)     20:13    PB 0:54
6.    Ruby Saunder (9)      20:35    PB 0:06
7.    Kobie Somerfield (17) 17:45    U18 W Record
8.    Sarah Brennan (37)    15:34    Open W Record
9.    Jessika Bridges (11)  21:41
10.   Alanna Peart (10)     18:01


BRWC Mary Lorensini 3km Handicap, North Gardens, Sunday 13th October

The cold and rainy weather didn’t keep 10 keen competitors away from contesting the 2013 BRWC Mary Lorensini Trophy at North Gardens, on Sunday 13th October. The 3km sealed handicap kicked off in between showers, and it was young Kayla Bridges who walked exceptionally well to take out her first BRWC Championship in a big PB of 22:04. Once again having to be content with minor placings, ever-improving twins Ruby & Fraser Sander finished strongly claiming PBs and 2nd and 3rd place respectively. Fraser also broke his own U10 M Record. Fastest time of the day went to Sarah Brennan with 15:46 – a new Open Women’s record. Winners of the 1km and 2km handicaps were Scott Peart & Mia Darlow.

Mary Lorensini 3km Sealed Handicap
1. Kayla Bridges (8)      22:04       PB  1:21
2. Ruby Saunder (9)       20:41       PB 1:07
3. Fraser Saunder (9)     20:46       PB 0:16, New U10 M Record
4. Alanna Peart (10)      17:18       PB 0:05
5. Jessika Bridges (11)   20:54       PB 0:32
6. Sarah Brennan (37)     15:46       New Open W Record
7. Kasey Bishop (10)      21:42
8. Ross Darlow (15)       16:38
9. Olivia Davis  (11)     25:49
10. Rodney Davis (13)     20:24    

1. Mia Darlow (8)         14:39    

2. Scott Peart (7)        9:23


BRWC Graeme Nichols Lap of the Lake Handicap, O Tag Reader, Sunday 15th September

The last race of the BRWC Winter Season saw 6 competitors tackle the longer distance of 6km in a bid to claim the 2013 Graeme Nichols Trophy, with an additional 6 competitors vying for the 1500m title. The sealed handicap saw all walkers start together in the sunny but windy conditions. Ross Darlow took an early lead in the 6km race, but was caught in the second kilometre by Sarah Brennan. Sarah held off a fast finishing Ross to take line honours in 32:02 and to win her first BRWC trophy. Both claimed big PBs and BRWC records. In the shorter race, the sealed handicap was won by youngster Mia Darlow, with Alanna Peart following on from her good form in Launceston, recording the fastest time with 8:34. Newcomer Milly Sharp walked very well to post a time of 11:49. Well done also to Kasey Bishop, who walked her first ever lap of the lake.

6km Sealed Handicap
1.    Sarah Brennan      32:02    PB 1:36, New BRWC Open Women Record
2.    Jemma Peart        36:51    New U14 W Record
3.    Rodney Davis       39:32    PB 0:13
4.    Ross Darlow        32:32    PB 6:44, New U16 M Record
5.    Kasey Bishop       50:29    First one
6.    Jessika Bridges    DNF

1500m Sealed Handicap
1.    Mia Darlow         10:43    
2.    Olivia Davis       11:42
3.    Alanna Peart       8:34
4.    Kayla Bridges      11:40
5.    Kobie Somerfield   9:04
INV   Milly Sharp        11:49     First one


BRWC Jared Tallent 1.5km Handicap, North Gardens, Sunday 18th August

Well, this is winter and Ballarat turned on a wet and windy day to greet our line up of 12 brave young walkers. Following Jared’s fantastic performance at the World Championship last week, this was very timely to hold our Jared Tallent 1.5km Handicap Event.

With a sealed handicap format, Ross Darlow led out at the front, closely followed by Jemma Peart. For many of our newer members this was their first race over 1.5kms. Walking superbly in the difficult conditions Jessika Bridges took out her first club race win, followed by Kasey Bishop (2nd) and Ruby Saunders (3rd).

1.   Jessika Bridges    9.10
2.   Kasey Bishop       9.03
3.   Ruby Saunder       9.55
4.   Mia Darlow         10.33   PB 0:19
5.   Kayla Bridges      10.48
6.   Fraser Saunder     10.02
7.   Rodney Davis       8.32
8.   Jemma Peart        7.51
9.   Ross Darlow        7.07
10.  Alanna Peart       8.18
11.  Emily Crowley      8.58    PB 0:12
12.  Olivia Davis       11.38


BRWC Merv Lockyer 3km Handicap, North Gardens, Sunday 14th July

A wet and windy morning greeted the 14 walkers who fronted up for the Merv Lockyer 3km Handicap. The race took a sealed handicap format. Ross Darlow led from the start and was never headed, taking both line and handicap honours in a solid 15:48. Fraser Saunder stormed home in a big PB of 1:15 to claim second place in the handicap and a new U10 Boys 1km (6:44), 2km (14:07) & 3km Record in 21:02.  Kasey Bishop was third in 24:25, also a PB of 20 seconds. Scott Peart took out the 1km race, 7 seconds ahead of Rex Brennan. Both youngsters did 38 second PBs.

1.    Ross Darlow        15:48
2.    Fraser Saunder     21:02    PB 1:15 (U10M 1km – 6:44, 2km – 14:07 & 3km Records)
3.    Kasey Bishop       21:07    PB 0:20
4.    Olivia Davis       24:24    Eq PB
5.    Jemma Peart        17:09    (U14W 3km Record)
6.    Ruby Saunder       21:48    PB 0:22
7.    Rodney Davis       18:45
8.    Emily Crowley      19:38
9.    Alanna Peart       18:48    (U10W 1km – 5:53 & 2km – 12:34 Records)
10.   Jessika Bridges    21:48
11.   Mia Darlow         24:23
12.   Kayla Bridges      24:25

1.    Scott Peart        8:28    PB 0:38
2.    Rex Brennan        8:35    PB 0:38 (U6M 1km Record)


AV Country Championships & RWV Championships, North Gardens, 26th May 2013

The Victorian Country Roadwalking Championships were held on the North Gardens course alongside Lake Wendouree in Ballarat and it proved once again to be a fast 1km loop with great times recorded across the board in perfect conditions.

The highlight of the day was provided by Ballarat Harriers walker Kelly Ruddick who defended her country title in the most emphatic way – a 25 sec PB of 46:27 and a time that betters the current W40 Masters World Record by 35 secs (S. Griesbach, France, 1990, 47:02). She was helped early on by the presence of Jesse Osborne of Box Hill, competing by invitation in the men’s 10km championship. The talented 18 year old was the fastest overall with a wonderful time of 42:56, a time that confirms that he is on target for a 2014 World Juniors berth next year. Behind Jesse, it was James Christmass of Corio who took the men’s title with a good 52:49.

INV  Jesse Osborne       BOH    42:56     PB 0:32
1.   James Christmass    COR    52:49
2.   Russ Dickenson      SCA    59:05

1.   Kelly Ruddick       BHA    46:27     PB 0:25
2.   Sarah Brennan       BYC    53:59     PB 0:22
3.   Heather Carr        EAG    58:49

The underage country championships were also keenly contested with perhaps the best performances coming from Ross Darlow and Jemma Peart.

1.   Ebony Whiley        EAG    29:44
INV  Nicole Hallett      CCA    31:33

1.   Stephanie George    SCA    26:42

1.   Ellen Dowie         EKA    18:35     PB 1:01

1.   Ross Darlow         EKA    16:16
2.   Rodney Davis        WEN    18:30     PB 0:08

1.   Jemma Peart         BYC    16:27     PB 0:15
2.   Amy Canavan         EKA    16:44     PB 0:40
3.   Mackayla Davison    COR    17:36     PB 0:25
4.   Madison Hill        SBE    17:37     PB 2:17

The annual Racewalking Victorian U12 and U10 championships were very competitive events with medals on offer for the placegetters in each race. Rebecca Henderson excelled with her 2km time of 10:02 in a high quality U12 event. Alanna Peart won the U10 girl’s championship with an excellent 5:29 while Fraser Saunder won the U10 boy’s championship with 6:36.

1.   Rebecca Henderson   VRWC   10:02     PB 2:16
2.   Zahra Hayes         BGO    10:51
3.   Amy Canavan         BALL   10:59     PB 0:09
4.   Alanna Peart        BALL   11:41
5.   Carissa Brook       BGO    11:49     PB 0:02
6.   Jessika Bridges     BALL   12:43
7.   Eliza Lepair        BALL   12:51     PB 2:29
8.   Leah Canavan        BALL   13:17
9.   Olivia Davis        BALL   16:35
     Kasey Bishop        BALL   DQ

1.   Alanna Peart        BALL   05:29
2.   Leah Canavan        BALL   06:02     PB 0:53
3.   Mia Darlow          BALL   06:39     PB 0:18
4.   Ruby Saunder        BALL   06:40
5.   Kayla Bridges       BALL   06:43     PB 1:09
6.   Alice Lepair        BALL   07:34     PB 0:58

1.   Fraser Saunder      BALL   06:36
2.   Scott Peart         BALL   09:15

1.   Celia Johnson       VRWC   34:36

A big thank you to Ballarat Race Walking Club  who acted as Local Organising Committee and did a great job on the day.

Officials: Tim Erickson, Bob Hallett, BRWC members
Judges: Gordon Loughhan (Chief), Judy Mason, Paul Nunn, Daryl Biggin, Ralph Bennett, Peter Vysma, Graham George (DQ Board), Wayne Peart (bike)


Benita van Raaphorst Memorial 3km Handicap, North Gardens, Sunday 5th May 2013

Each year the BRWC hosts the Benita van Raaphorst Memorial 3km in honour of the young Ballarat athlete who was tragically killed in May, 2001. Benita was a part of the Ballarat Racewalking Club and a competitive racewalker at both a state and national level. This year, it was fitting that Andy Blood, who was a good friend of Benita’s, took line honours in the 3km race in a solid 15:32. Behind him was Ross Darlow in a quick 15:43, a new U16 M Record.  Amy Canavan finished as the fastest female with 17:24, a PB of 48 seconds.  The sealed handicap, and the memorial trophy, was won by young Leah Canavan in 21:24. Not to be outdone by her older sister, Leah also did a 48 second PB. Ross Darlow and Amy Canavan took out the minor placings. Many PBs were recorded and Fraser Saunder and Bailey Ohlsen also claimed records in their respective age groups.

Benita van Raaphorst Memorial 3km Handicap
1.  Leah Canavan     21:24 PB 0:48

2.  Ross Darlow      15:43 U16 M Record
3.  Amy Canavan      17:24 PB 0:48
4.  Andrew Blood     15:32
5.  Kasey Bishop     21:27 PB 1:01
6.  Ruby Saunder     22:10 PB 1:12
7.  Rodney Davis     18:48
Jessika Bridges  21:26 PB 0:34
9.  Ellen Dowie      19:36 PB 0:30
10. Fraser Saunder   22:17 PB 0:06, U10 M Record
11. Alanna Peart     19:20
12. Kayla Bridges    23:58
13. Olivia Davis     26:22

2km Walk
1.  Jemma Peart      11:19

1km Walk
1.  Bailey Ohlsen    8:21  U10 M Record
2.  Scott Peart      10:32


President’s Cup 3km Handicap, North Gardens, Sunday 21st April 2013

18 junior competitors lined up for the BRWC’s President’s Cup 3km Handicap on Sunday, 21st April. It was sunny, but cool and windy. Youngsters Rex Brennan (1km) and Bailey Ohlsen (2km in 20:09 – U10 Boys 2km Record) started off go. Over five minutes later, the 3km racers started with 7 year old Alice Lepair taking line honours in 23:05, a fine effort for her first 3km. Second across the line was Fraser Saunder (who also claimed the U10 Boys 3km Record), with Leah Canavan third. Fastest time went to Ross Darlow in 17:22. It was great to see a lot of first timers over 3km and many PBs recorded.

President’s Cup 3km Handicap
1.  Alice Lepair     24.43 First Ever
2.  Fraser Saunder   22:23 First Ever & U10 M 3km Record
3.  Leah Canavan     22:12 PB 4:13
4.  Mia Darlow       22:16 PB 1:48
5.  Rodney Davis     18:38 PB 0:29
6.  Amy Canavan      18:12 PB 0:05
7.  Jessika Bridges  22:00 PB 0:45
8.  Kasey Bishop     22:28 PB 0:42
9.  Kayla Bridges    23:25 First Ever
10. Ellen Dowie      20:06 First Ever
11. Ross Darlow      17:22
12. Olivia Davis     25:33
13. Mia Lepair       22:34 First Ever
14. Kobie Somerfield 18:11
15. Eliza Lepair     21:12 First Ever
16. Ruby Saunder     23:22 First Ever

2km Walk
1.  Bailey Ohlsen    20:09 U10 M 2km Record

1km Walk
1.  Rex Brennan      10:35


BRWC Daryl Biggin & Sharon Schnyder Founder’s Cup 3km Handicap, North Gardens, Sunday 3rd March

It was a hot morning (yes even in Ballarat) for the Daryl Biggin & Sharon Schnyder Founder’s Cup 3km Handicap. The race took a sealed handicap format and young sisters Jemma & Alanna Peart were quick out of the blocks. A tussle for the lead ensued, with Alanna breaking away just after the 1km mark and storming home to win overall, and the handicap, in a big PB and U10 Girls Club Record of 17:23. Four youngsters contested the 1km race, with 8 year old newcomer Kayla Bridges recording an impressive 8:16 to win from Bailey, Scott & Rex (all finishing together in 11:12).

3km Handicap
1.    Alanna Peart        17:23 (PB and U10 Girls Club Record)
2.    Rodney Davis        19:18
3.    Jemma Peart         17:38
4.    Olivia Davis        25:44
5.    Sarah Brennan       17:27
6.    Jessika Bridges     22:45
7.    Shae Ohlsen         22:00 (U18 Women Club Record)
8.    Kasey Bishop        23:10
      Mia Darlow          DNF

1.    Kayla Bridges       8:16
2.    Bailey Ohlsen       11:12
      Scott Peart         11:12
      Rex Brennan         11:12


BRWC Pick a Distance Day, North Gardens, Sunday 17th Feb

It was a hot sunny morning for the 20 competitors in BRWC’s Pick a Distance Day. Most of the youngsters opted to race 1km, with newcomer Mia Lepair recording the fastest time of 7:30. Special mention to sisters Jemma and Alanna Peart, who racing over 2km, set the pace with times of 12:01 and 12:44. New BRWC records were claimed by Bailey Ohlsen (U10 Boys 1km) and Alanna Peart (U10 Girls 2km).

Mia Lepair        7:30
Jessika Bridges   7:50
Olivia Davis      7:51
Kayla Bridges     7:52
Mia Darlow        7:52
Leah Canavan      8:20
Alice Lepair      8:32
Bailey Ohlsen     9:30
Scott Peart       11:45
Rex Brennan       11:45

Jemma Peart       12:01
Alanna Peart      12:44
Amy Canavan       14:51
Eliza Lepair      15:20
Ruby Saunder      17:00

Emily Crowley     21:57

Ross Darlow       27:24
Rodney Davis      27:51

Sarah Brennan     31:27
Kobie Somerfield  33:34