BRWC Results – 2018


Blue skies, sunshine and a gentle breeze provided the ideal conditions for the walker to put their best foot forward and claim the last trophy on offer for this year.

Top juniors Alanna Peart, Jemma Peart and Fraser Saunder led out early in the sealed handicap race, with fine performances on show from all the walkers. With little separating the top 3 finishing positions on handicaps, Mia Darlow eventually won, followed closely by Jorja Tallent and Charli Walker. Special mentions to Scott Peart, Sarah Brennan and founding member Daryl Biggin who enjoyed their last race of the season.

Daryl Biggin & Sharon Schnyder Founder Cup 3km Handicap
1. Mia Darlow          21:18
2. Jorja Tallent       22:22
3. Charli Walker       18:31
4. Scott Peart         18:25
5. Fraser Saunder      15:13
6. Sarah Brennan       17:11
7. Alanna Peart        14:32
8. Daryl Biggin        22:23

2km Walk
1. Jemma Peart          9:55

The 2018 BRWC End of Season Awards were also announced and presented.

Aggregate Winner          Fraser Saunder
Aggregate Runner up       Alanna Peart
Aggregate Third           Scott Peart
Encouragement Award       Charli Walker
Style Award               Laura Ballinger
Best Club Person Award    The Bicknell Family



This weekend saw the 2018 edition of the Jared Tallent 1.5km handicap. Alas Jared couldn’t make it to the track this year to watch the race named in his honour. If he did he would have seen a keen and speedy group of walkers putting their best foot forward. First year walker Laura Ballinger went out hard from the start and lead to the shadows of the post, just being caught on the line by our winner, Jemma Peart, who produced the fastest time of the day, closely followed by Alanna Peart. Great performances and quick times were the order of the day from all our walkers, with only 33 seconds separating the group in a very fast 1.5km finish.

Jared Tallent 1.5km Handicap
1. Jemma Peart            6:48
2. Laura Ballinger       10:05 First one
3. Alanna Peart           6.55
4. Fraser Saunder         7:20
5. Scott Peart            8:55
6. Charli Walker          8.51


Our small group of walkers were able to show their style in front of our very own Olympian Willi Sawall for the race named in his honour. We were also pleased to have Tim Erickson join us for a brisk Sunday racewalk with the Ballarat walkers. Our new member Laura Ballinger, in only her second 3km race with the club, walked a fantastic 1:26 PB, so looking forward with more to come from Laura in the future. After Tim’s 35km walk last week, the 3km was merely a stroll in the park, hoping he might have to join us next season in the Graeme Nicholls 6km Lap of the Lake. Fraser Saunder set a new U16 record and took the handicap honours on the day finishing ahead of Scott and Jemma Peart. Fastest time of the day was Alanna Peart in 14:21.

Willi Sawall 3km Handicap
1. Fraser Saunder         14:41   PB 0:09 New U16 Boys Record
2. Scott Peart            18:15
3. Jemma Peart            14:43
4. Alanna Peart           14:21
5. Laura Ballinger        21:05   PB: 1:26
6. Tim Erickson           18:57
7. Charli Walker          20:48


BRWC Benita Van Raaphorst Memorial 3km Handicap, Lake Wendouree, Sunday 20 May 2018

The Ballarat North Gardens was the backdrop for the Benita Van Raaphorst Memorial race for a small group of our Ballarat walkers. We welcomed our new member Laura Ballinger for her first race, and great to see Sarah Breenan dusting off her shoes for her first race of the season. Scott Peart was in good form recording a great 27sec PB, but with honours on the day going to Fraser Saunder winning on handicap, with Alanna Peart setting the fastest time of the day in 14:14.

BRWC Benita Van Raaphorst Memorial 3km Handicap
1. Fraser Saunder           15:00   PB: 0:17
2. Alanna Peart             14:14
3. Sarah Brennan            16:24
4. Scott Peart              18:01   PB: 0:27

1km Walk
1. Laura Ballinger           6:40


BRWC Mary Lorensini 3km Handicap, Lake Wendouree, Ballarat, SUNDAY 12 August 2018

A small group of walkers took to the North Gardens track to contest the Mary Lorensini 3km handicap. Our new member Laura Ballinger walked well for her first 3km race with the club. Honours on the day went to Scott Peart with a solid walk, finishing on handicap ahead of Fraser Saunder and Alanna Peart. Fastest time of the day was by Fraser Saunder.

Mary Lorensini 3km Handicap
1. Scott Peart                18:33
2. Fraser Saunder             15:26
3. Alanna Peart               15:48
4. Laura Ballinger            22:30 (First One)
5. Jemma Peart                16:17



A chilly and brisk morning greeted our small but keen walkers as they toed the line for the Graeme Nicholls 6km Lap of the Lake. We were privileged to have Graeme’s wife Robyn and sister Alison on course to present the winning trophy. After a tough 10km the previous day, Alison joined in the fun and showed our younger walkers how to knock out a very slick 6km. In fact, it was first class performances produced by all our walkers with Alanna Peart just edging out Fraser Saunder in the final few metres in a very exciting finish, and setting the fastest time of the day. It was great to see Sarah Brennan back in action, and Scott Peart managing his first 6km. Scott, Fraser and Alanna all set new BRWC records for their age groups. Earlier in the day young Jorja Tallent narrowly prevailed over Keelan Perry on handicaps, to take out our 1500m Jastec race with a PB 10:35.

Graeme Nicholls 6km Handicap – Lap of Lake
1. Alanna Peart                 28:36   PB: 2:38, New BRWC U16 Record
2. Fraser Saunder               31:10   PB: 3:44, New BRWC U14 Record
3. Sarah Brennan                34:17
4. Scott Peart                  39:11   First one, New BRWC U12 Record
5. Alison Thomspon              38:05   Invitation

Jastec Sheetmetal & Engineering 1.5km Handicap
1. Jorja Tallent                10:35   PB: 0:11
2. Keelan Perry                  9:47

Left: Alison Thompson (nee Nicholls) and Robyn Nicholls with Graeme Nicholls 6km Handicap winner Alanna Peart
Centre and right: Alison Thompson and Jorja Tallent


BRWC- Willi Sawall 3km Handicap, Lake Wendouree, Ballarat, Sunday 22 April 2018

A beautiful bright warm morning kicked of BRWC’s new season. After the fantastic Australian Racewalking Golds by Dane Bird-Smith and Jemima Montag at the Commonwealth Games, and the school holidays, our young walkers were ready to launch back into competition. Unfortunately Willi had other commitments on the day, but wished our walkers the best in his absence. With a sealed handicap and a small field, swift walking by both Scott and Alanna Peart weren’t enough to take the win, with Fraser Saunder finishing 1st on handicap. It was great to see Mia Darlow returning to racewalking after a couple of years break, and good to see she hasn’t lost her style. And a thank you to Graeme Saunder on the broom for a touch of early morning track debris removal.

Willi Sawall 3km Handicap
1. Fraser Saunder            15:40
2. Alanna Peart              14:43
3. Scott Peart               18:35
4. Jemma Peart               15:17
5. Charli Walker             20:56
6. Mia Darlow                23:31